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Guarantee Dieting Success

Diva Dieting is an entertaining, self-help blog that provides insight, support and comic relief from the sometimes painful and boring process called “going on a diet.”

Melissa Meredith Wells uses video and blogging to journal her new diet and exercise routine. Watch as she learns to adapt her creative and rebellious style to the demands of weight loss. It may not be pretty but it is very insightful.

If we would just reduce the calories we eat and increase the calories we burn then losing weight would be as easy as packing and unpacking a suitcase.

What You Will Find Here:

How to “Re-Diet”
New approaches to dieting and exercise if you have tried and failed diets in the past.

The Timefat Continuum
Learn how to use time and focus in addition to diet and fitness to get the results you want.

Tools, exercises, and programs that are designed to:

♥ Keep you inspired and motivated to diet and exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle for long periods of time

♥ Honestly address beliefs, emotions and behaviors that sabotage your progress as you lose weight and get fit

A Blog of Giant Proportions
I’m willing to take my fat online and offer Plus-size advice.